Welcome to The
World’s Premiere Family of Knifemakers 


Kinetic is our flagship company which has experienced explosive growth since its humble beginnings in a garage, then a small shop, and finally to our current 10-acre site in south-suburban Milwaukee.


Located in Sheffield, England, Microblade Limited has a 200-year history in the manufacture of log and facial saws. Dedication to quality products and comprehensive customer service has made Microblade the world leader in circular saw manufacturing.

The Proof is in the Cutting.


We have blades to fit virtually any machine, anywhere. We can cut any material in any industry. Are you currently working with metals, plastics or wood? Tires or paper? We have the expertise and experience to help you make better cuts and increase your productivity. Better yet, we can prove it.


Look Sharp, be Sharp.

To remain competitive in today’s manufacturing environment, you must first embrace technology. We practice what we preach. We constantly test new materials and new manufacturing techniques to provide continual improvement for our industrial blades. The result? Increased manufacturing efficiency for our customers.

Cutting-Edge Solutions.


We’re more than just a vendor. We’re your manufacturing partner. Why? Because we listen. We’ll learn about the specifications you need for your application and then recommend improvements. We want to give you a better blade than the one you asked for.


Our Point? Keep it Simple and Flexible.

We like to keep things simple and flexible. Simple because we work together to find the right solution for you. Flexible because we constantly develop new technology to keep in step with new machines, materials and processes.


A Customer-Focused Vision.


In the 1940’s, the visionary C.L. Masters had the goal of producing the finest quality industrial knives to increase your productivity. From modest beginnings to our current position as a world leader, these two separate, yet related companies have been built on his legacy.

Explore how Masters’ vision has become a reality...